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Wild Resilience,

A podcast for herbalists, healers, artists and the people who love them. I'm your host Friede Sander.

Wild Resilience is the place you find at the edges of things, the thickets where the fields meet the forest, the lush wilderness in a forgotten lot in the middle of a city.

It is the strength and connection we feel when we hear a story that inspires us, helps us to grow, to heal. 

Radio personalities must maintain their mystique ;)
Radio personalities must maintain their mystique 😉

It is the courage it takes to veer from the path laid out for us, to pick our own meandering trails through the wilderness of life. 

Join me as I explore that wilderness. In each episode I interview an herbalist, artist, or healer on their  journey of becoming. Why was someone drawn to the plant world? How did they decided to be an artist? What was it that lead them down the path of a healer? 

Wild resilience is a communion with the worlds outside our daily perceptions, it is creativity, passion, medicine, connection, curiosity, humor, beauty.

It is the stories that fill our cup, and how we keep it full.

"This podcast brings the listener into an intimate conversation
between wise and well-spoken herbalists."




Welcome to Wild Resilience, a podcast for herbalists, healers, artists, and the people who love them. I’m your host Friede…

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