Kirsten Aune – Textile Artist Turned Urban Homesteader Turned Textile Artist


In this episode Kirsten Aune talks about her journey as a textile artist. Her youth in 1980’s NYC and her move to Duluth in search for a cheap studio space (she paid $20 a month when she first arrived!). We explore the search for beauty and inspiration in nature and how some of the most pristine parts of Minnesota are under threat from the mining & pipeline industries.

As mentioned in this episode:


Kirsten sees the destruction of nature as a war on beauty. She recognizes the importance of experiencing beauty as integral for our survival as humans.


Kirsten’s sail design on a boat built by John.

Forestasia at 2 with one of Kirsten’s large wall hangings.

Forestasia in an apron dress designed by Kirsten.

Large floral wall hanging.


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