The Journey is the Destination.

Friede Sander has always loved the journey. When she was very young she saved every penny of her allowance to travel. The first 10 years of her adult life was spent in motion as much as possible and working as little as possible. On her adventures she especially loved talking with people and hearing their stories. Every person she met had a unique, dynamic, and captivating journey and she knew that some day she wanted to be able to help people share those stories.

In 2010 a tarot reading led her to Ithaca, NY to study herbal medicine with 7Song. She slowly and rather painfully abandoned her free-wheeling life and settled outside of Ithaca where she continued her herbal studies and work at Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials.

Still obsessed with the journey, Friede realized that she could combine her passion for herbalism, art, and storytelling.

Wild Resilience Podcast was Born.
Seft portrait with shark hat in dining room.
Seft portrait with shark hat in dining room.
"Friede is a lovely host who asks good questions that spark memories. If you're interested in learning about herbalists through the art of storytelling, this is the podcast for you!" -Sandra

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