Me and Shayla incognito as always!

Welcome to Wild Resilience, a podcast for herbalists, healers, artists, and the people who love them.
I’m your host Friede Sander. I am so excited about this show- not only do I have an excuse to ask all the questions I have ever wanted to ask other herbalists, artists, and healers but I get to share those questions & conversations with you! I really hope that you enjoy the show!


Wild Resilience is a project of Modern Medicine Botanicals, an online apothecary of herbal products and plant wisdom. Check us out on our website at modernmedicinebotanicals.com and follow us on Instagram @modern_medicine_botanicals.

The team includes Friede Sander & Ryan Clover. Shows are produced by Ryan Clover and recorded in the studios at WRFI or in our mobile recording honda element Theresa.